Question Time With #TEAMIWE

To be a great event planner, we think you have to have excellent interpersonal skills, creativity, a keen eye for detail and a drive for innovation; in fact, we’ve made these skills part of our daily mantra ( more on that later!). And so because event planning is all about people, last month we posted a link on facebook to our ‘About Us’ page. We were blown away by the response and realised that some of you out there may like to know a little bit more about us as people – the team that is IWE.


So one morning, we shut our laptops, filled our coffee cups and persuaded our marketing confidant Jo, to ask us some questions that would give everyone an insight into IWE. We made a pact to answer honestly about our individual personalities and why we love what we do. The answers are below (with a few useful planning tips that came out along the way). So, we hope you enjoy reading a little about us!

Megan & Georgina #teamIWE


1.    How would you describe yourself in 3 words?


Megan: Motivated, creative, organised

Georgina: Ambitious, confident & honest


2.    Why did you become wedding planners and how was IWE formed?


Megan: Georgina was a wedding coordinator for over three years and had responsibility for running Colshaw Hall, her family’s wedding venue.  Once she had gained the experience, she decided she wanted a change but one that would put these skills to use. As the venue grew, running weddings every day, along with her side of wedding planning, was getting too much!


After my degree, I worked within the fashion industry, hotels and on large scale corporate events for Warburtons Ltd and the Co-op, so our skills were complementary to each other.  We decided to set up our own company to combine our experiences and fresh creative ideas to create Irlam Warburton Events Ltd, which we now specialise in weddings, private and corporate events.


3.    What do you love most about your job?


Georgina: Our clients and creating an event that exceeds their expectations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding or a corporate event, we get such a buzz when we see their reactions to it and months of planning in action!


4.    The best part of working together?


Georgina: Megan and I are lucky enough to be not only business partners but also life long friends. We bounce off each other and know each other’s different strengths more than anyone! In fact, our clients will vouch for this when they come for initial meetings (we don’t shut up as our ideas just spark off each other). We didn’t set out to have individual roles, but it has happened that way. There is never a quiet moment really in our office, as we talk everything through – two heads really are better than one!


Megan: We both share the same email address, so both know precisely what is going on at all times; communication between each other is vital. We are sat opposite each other in our office, which works well too so we can fill each other in with all our clients and keep up to date with enquiries, but we have formed our own roles just by default. Georgie is AMAZING at timings and the practicalities of the flow of the events and hunting down the best entertainment around, whereas I deal with most of the details of the design and also with the ‘behind the scene’ organisation of IWE including all day-to-day accounting etc.


5.    The best thing about being wedding planners?


Megan: Building a relationship with our lovely clients. Everyone always asks ‘how do you deal with bridezillas?’, but we have been lucky (so far anyway!) that not only had some lovely clients, but also made friends for life. It makes us so happy to be with the clients from the word go and be a part of their wedding journey. We build such strong relationships with our clients that we have been known to shed a tear when we see the bride for the first time in her dress (mainly me)!



6.    Name three things that are wedding ‘no-nos’ (in your opinion)…


Georgina:  An awful entertainment set! Usually, you get what you pay for, and entertainment is a crucial part to the day to keep your guests engaged and buoyant throughout the day. It sets the mood and is always a substantial, memorable part of an event for your guests. A key point when choosing entertainment is to remember your audience. Don’t select a rock band if only you and your partner are into it. It needs to be something to suit everyone and get that dance floor alive!


Megan:  Chair BOWS! We find it very hard in initial meetings if a client ever mentions the dreaded chair bows. Let’s just our faces paint a 1000 words and we, of course, have far better alternatives we do approve of!


Georgina:   Pinterest/DIY weddings. Pinterest is excellent for collecting things that you like and don’t like, but that’s where it stops as your pins will be obtained from a variety of sources. This is where we come in. Our job is to unscramble the boards and theme your wedding taking into account what you do like and what you don’t. Sometimes less is more, and it’s good to try and concentrate on one set theme, rather than it looked like you’ve been to your local craft shop and bought everything ‘Mr & Mrs’.   We’re luxury planners though so that’s what we are paid to do and we do it well.



7.    What part of the wedding day makes you feel proudest?


Megan: This is where Georgina and I differ slightly. We feel proud of the whole day, but our ultimate individual moments are different. I love it when everything has been set up, and we walk the bride down to the ceremony room/church, and all the guests are waiting in anticipation to see her for the grand reveal. Once the doors close, this is a moment where I feel the proudest.


Georgina: I love the evening when the band or DJ are playing, watching from the sidelines over a full dance floor of guests and our clients enjoying themselves. I am not happy the day is over, I’m so glad the night is young!

Posted February 2nd, 2019 | Events, News