Motivate your team with IWE Corporate

Employee engagement has been the corporate buzzword in the last couple of years and it’s no wonder, as research indicates there is a link between employee’s happiness and their productivity at work.  It’s not just about the size of their salary anymore. It is also about creating the right conditions in the workplace to that they can give their best every day and having initiatives in place, to motivate and engage them throughout the year. If an employee feels a sense of wellbeing in the workplace, then they are more likely to contribute to your company’s success.

One aspect of ‘motivating your team’ is to take them out of the work environment for the day and invigorate them with a team building day. Team building days don’t need to be old fashioned and the same-old either! Irlam Warburton Events were approached last year by a global company that wanted a completely fresh and unique day that had something for everyone – because thankfully, every person on the team is different!

For this company, they wanted to relax in an environment that had privacy and felt special for the team – they wanted the opposite of a tired corporate hotel.  So Irlam Warburton Events planned the event in a private country estate with 300 acres of gardens and grounds – just for the team of 40 people.  The backdrop of the day was a stunning country manor house which really created a private and VIP atmosphere for the employees from the moment that they arrived.

We developed an itinerary that catered for everyone. It had the right blend of fun and team spirit! We were blessed with a really lovely sunny day and the proceedings kicked off with a game of ‘Bubble Football’. This was a huge hit for those involved and those watching at the sidelines.  Doing this at the beginning meant that the team were completely out of ‘work-mode’ and doing something that involves kicking a ball around, whilst being in a huge inflatable one yourself, brought the team down to the same level and ironed out any hierarchy for the day.

For the staff members that didn’t want to be rolling around the grass, we had a clay pigeon shooting area set up for them. After a full instruction, they took part in teams, as a little healthy competition goes a long way!  We also had indoor options on standby in case the weather turned but luckily the weather stayed on our side!

All the employees had something that they would want to take part in – even if it was to sit and watch all the excitement from a distance – whilst creating funky cocktails from a cocktail van. The best part of the activity is to then drink them!!

After all the fun and games, the staff enjoyed a relaxed BBQ in the walled garden of the estate. This gave them chance to relax, reflect on the day whilst enjoying all different types of delicious salads, meats and desserts washed down with a glass of Pimms. It also gave them the opportunity to talk to members of the team that they perhaps didn’t work with on a day to day basis. The team went home invigorated and we look forward to seeing them again this year!

The aim of our IWE Team Building Days will always be to make sure that all staff members have a fun-filled day of exciting activities, to make them feel valued and also help them to work closely as a team. Planning a day for your employees can be anything from outside activities on the grounds of a beautiful country estate to a fun day creating an exquisite meal with a Michelin starred chef.  Irlam Warburton Events are there to make sure that the day fits your company requirements. It may be that your sales team have performed exceedingly well, you want to reward them for hitting targets or maybe it’s just an annual team get together. Irlam Warburton Events will ensure that the day goes beyond what you could imagine.  We will also ensure the organiser doesn’t experience any stress during the planning process and on the day, so you can enjoy yourself too!

Irlam Warburton Events specialise in having a fun and fresh approach to events, so you can always bank on them keeping up with the latest trends and keeping your staff engaged with their innovative ideas. If you want your employees to let off some steam and relax with their colleges then we are here to help!

Posted April 30th, 2018 | Events, News